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Peer to Peer Recovery

Peer to Peer Recovery



After an unfortunate incident that resulted in the loss of my job of 10 years, I was put in a very stressful and uncomfortable position. Rent for my apartment was late, bills were piling up, job prospects were scarce. How could I take care of my family with no income coming in and this incident hanging over my head? While attending a job fair in November, I was fortunate to meet Ms. Linda Tippins and her staff from San Antonio Fighting Back, Inc. She explained how their Peer-to Peer Recovery Partnership Program could assist me addressing employment, rental assistance, and other issues I was having. I left my information with her and continued with my job search, coming up empty-handed at the end of the day. Receiving a call back from SAFB, Inc. the following week was a life-changing event! After two visits to discuss different aspects of recovery, I enrolled in the program. Almost immediately, I was attending Recovery Coaching training. Just one week later, I was hired by SAFB, Inc. as a Peer Recovery Coach! During the past few months, I’ve had steady employment, I can take care of my family, and I’ve learned so much about various aspects of recovery that I had no clue about before. I am truly appreciative and grateful for the opportunity given to me from everyone at San Antonio Fighting Back, Inc. It is truly a blessing!


Mickey Sweet

Peer Recovery Coach