Peer Coach

Peer Coach:

This team member has responsibility to carry-out mentoring or coaching with recovery partnership participants. Recovery coaching refers to a one-on-one relationship in which a peer leader with more recovery experience than the person served. Recovery coach encourages, motivates, and supports a peer who is seeking to establish or strengthen his or her recovery. This individual will provide mentoring, guidance, support services and offer their skills to others who are on a road to their own recovery.

Coaches peers in home and community with tasks such as setting recovery goals, developing recovery action plans, and solving problems directly related to recovery, including finding sober housing, making new friends, finding new uses of spare time, and improving one’s job skills. They may also provide assistance with issues that arise in connection with collateral problems such as having a criminal justice record or coexisting physical or mental challenges. The Peer Recovery Coach assists in basic job readiness skills that include resume building and job searches, links to vocational rehabilitation, work force development, vocational schools and colleges. Bi-lingual and bi-cultural is a plus.

The relationship of the peer leader to the peer receiving help is highly supportive, rather than directive. The duration of the relationship between the two depends on a number of factors such as how much recovery time the peer has, how much other support the peer is receiving, or how quickly the peer’s most pressing problems can be addressed. The Coach helps peers in early recovery make choices about which recovery pathway(s) will work for them, rather than urging them to adopt the mentor’s or coach’s own program or any specific program of recovery.

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